At 2:30 last night I shared with you my new nightstand that I LOVE. Now I'm going to show you my new little reading corner! I didn't buy anything new for this spot in my room, just rearranged all the stuff I already have.

This is the chair I used to use as a nightstand. It was pretty bad. I had the chair coated in old sketches, stuffed animals, old clothes, and several other things that don't belong on chairs. I cleaned everything up moved the chair to opposite corner so people can actually sit on it! My mom made me the blanket I keep on it a few Christmases ago and the toys I have there were gifts (both old and new).

I'm actually using the bookcase I have for books now! My dad made this bookcase back in his high school days (he claims) and it was in my room when we moved her years ago. I cleaned it up because I had so many old binders and school papers in it and I put most of my books and my DVDs in it instead. My DVDs were balancing on my new nightstand and I was always afraid they'd fall everywhere.

I took my record player off of my printer and put it on top (along with a candle and an Alice in Wonderland ornament I got from my grandma). Since I was able to move stuff off of my desk and onto my bookcase and nightstand my desk has SO much more room. It was a lot of hard work organizing everything, cleaning, and moving furniture, but it was really worth it. This place does actually look "amaze" now.