Ever since Shoshanna told Hannah and Elijah that their place "looked amaze" in the start of season 2 of Girls I've wanted to make my place look "amaze" and share it with you. This week I decided to switch some parts of my room around so I'd have a nice corner for sitting and reading and a nightstand next to my bed. I used to have a nightstand and I really missed having a functioning one instead of a chair I threw all of my stuff on. I decided to get some stuff for this new (it's an old nightstand I've had for years) nightstand to spice it up.

I bought a new lamp and a vase from Target which didn't nearly break my budget. The lamp is my new favorite thing. It's great having a lamp that's actually bright on this side of my room.

Plus the lamp is super cool and really fits my room. I love everything about it. I also added some fresh flowers to my room. It's something I've wanted to do for a really long time.

I plan on getting different flowers every time I buy some. I really love these. They're so colorful and springy.

Next time I'll show you my new reading corner. It's really stellar (you're welcome for using that word). For now I will leave you with my view of my nightstand from where I sleep.