Tinder Guy Would Rather Argue Than Fuck

24-year-old Tiffany Graham is a frequent Tinder user, but has had little luck with the service. “I swipe right a lot, but some matches are really disappointing,” explains Graham. “I just see so many guys who would rather start a fight than fuck.”

Graham has plenty of messages from random men all questioning things she's included in her profile. “Words like 'feminist' and 'bisexual' seem to set off a lot of the 23 year old guys that I match with,” says Graham. “They like to ask me things like 'So, you think women are better than men, right?' or 'Can we have a threesome since you like both anyway?'”

“I didn't join Tinder to get into fights with randos,” explains Graham. “I joined Tinder to get fucking plowed.”

23-year-old Connor's messages are all about inequality: how he voted for Donald Trump, doesn't believe there's a gender wage gap, hates Mexicans but loves Taco Bell, and that women “belong in the kitchen.”

“I told him that if he stopped talking about the same shit over and over that I would fuck him in my kitchen but he just kept saying 'Make me a sandwich' again and again,” says Graham. “I screenshotted his messages to show to my friends and then I unmatched. I do that with most of my matches, anyway.”

When asked if she thinks she's wasting her time on Tinder, Graham says no. “I do think eventually I'll find that perfect fuck. I know something like this takes a lot of time and effort and isn't an overnight or instant thing like finding a relationship or something like that. It just gets very tiring weeding out all of the bad apples day in and day out when all I want is some simple dick action, you know?”

“Honestly I might just go to the club one night and see what I can find there,” says Graham. “I've heard good things from friends in my same situation. Most of the men there are looking for a good time rather than a middle school debate club meeting.”