A Day In The Life of Becky (a teenage girl who isn't cool or interesting but thinks she is)!!!

Recently I decided to interview my neighbor, 14 year old Becky Rowan. Becky is starting high school this year and is very excited. We spent the whole day together so I could see what kind of fun a young kid on summer vacation is getting into in 2018. Turns out not much, but Becky thinks it's LOADS of fun for some reason. Here's how a typical day for Becky goes:

7:00 am - Becky wakes up. No alarm or anything, that's just when she wakes up. "I guess I'm still in that waking up for school funk!", she says laughing. It's August.

7:10-7:40 am - Becky leaves to go brush her teeth and shower. "I use this really cool and great smelling shampoo! I bet it's really expensive!", she says pointing at a green bottle of Garnier two in one shampoo and conditioner. 

7:50 am - Now that she's all ready Becky goes downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. "I know a lot of kids at school post pictures of their food but I don't. I do like to take a photo of it but just to look at later" She grabs a bowl from the cabinet and tells me all about her breakfast. "So delicious and good for you and so popular now!" I ask her if she's making a smoothie bowl or something trendy. "The kids at school love those but not me. I just like eating my favorite food in the whole wide world! Wheaties!" I've never ever seen someone eat Wheaties, let alone say that they're a favorite food, so this was weird for me. Becky offered me some but I declined.

After breakfast I asked Becky if she had big plans for today. She told me it was gonna be a pretty action packed day so I got excited and then I got severely let down. Action packed for Becky isn't what it means for me.

8:00 am-1:00 pm - Becky literally did nothing but lay on the couch all day watching videos on her phone. We didn't talk much and one time she asked me to keep it down while I was sighing. I was excited for her to have lunch just so I could have talking privileges again.

1:05-1:20 pm - Becky makes us lunch and we eat. She makes her speciality, peanut butter and jelly on sort of stale white bread. It was fine. When I asked her if we could toast the bread she gave me a look like she'd never heard of toast before and I really didn't want to get into it so I just asked her if she has any chips or pretzels. She said she had something better. "Veggie straws!", she yelled as she gave me the recommended serving size of 7 straws. We washed our meals down with some tap water and then it was back to the couch.

1:23-6:00 pm - Becky lays on the couch. The TV is on, but it's just background noise for Becky. At least I hope it was considering she had on CSPAN. Becky plays with her phone again, this time liking photos on her friend's Instagram pages. I asked her if I could see her page but she didn't have any pictures up. I mentioned she should post her breakfast picture but she kept telling me "that's just for me"

6:00-7:00 pm - Becky and her mom put some dinner together and her family eats. They talk a bit during dinner about their days. Becky tells them we had fun together. I don't have the heart to tell her I was bored so I smile and nod. Becky is a nice kid, but she's gotta get out more.

After dinner her family breaks out dessert. "Ice cream! The best flavor, too!" To my surprise it's chocolate and not vanilla. Becky goes upstairs after and changes into her pajamas. She tells me she's gonna probably "hit the hay". I mention at this point it's only 7:30 but she reminds me of the long day we had and she's exhausted. So I say bye to her and her family and head home. From my house I see all the lights go off at their's and assume they all either went to bed or are tricking me into thinking they did so they can have a fun night without me there. Not really sure. I asked Becky if she would read this and she told me since it isn't a cat video she has no interest.