The video sharing app, Vine, is turning into a video editing app next week (thanks a lot, Twitter) and I am SO UPSET ABOUT IT. I have barely talked about Vine leaving on my social media because no one seems to care about how I feel about it, but I decided fuck it. Here are my feelings:

I love Vine. I joined in September of 2014. I mainly joined to watch the videos. I see Vines on Tumblr (which is a very internety millennial thing to say) all the time and decided I wanted to see them even more often than I already was, which was very often. I saw some funny stuff but then I thought "maybe I should make Vines" so I MADE VINES. I made lots of Vines. Some were funny, some were stupid, some were really funny to me, and one was even nominated for an award last year which is INSANE. I loved that on Vine anyone could make a video and post it and share their humor or thoughts, as long as their humor and thoughts were only 6 seconds long. 

Vine has been a constant companion of mine for the past couple years. I love making funny videos or just scenic music videos or even weird videos of my cats fighting. It's fun. The people on there feel like my friends, even though I don't really know any of them. I was always either too chicken to comment on a video, or I would comment and get no comment back and just lost any confidence I had in trying to befriend these hilarious strangers. Lots of these hilarious strangers are still making videos on Vine till the very end. Others have already made their "last Vine" and have moved on to Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. As for me, I'm not sure where I'll end up. I don't feel comfortable posting my Vines on Instagram. Instagram is a lot more personal to me than Vine is. Vine is fun but Instagram is more about my life rather than my silly ideas. Youtube is fun. I made a video a while back on there for THIS website that you're currently reading. I have lots of ideas, but I just don't know what I'll do.

This is a new year and I guess that means changes are in order, even this forced one that I do not want to happen. I love Vine. I follow tons of people from around the world and am greatly inspired by so many of them. I think they're all special and hope that they all find what they need beyond Vine. I'm expecting to cry the day Vine changes. I gained a lot of confidence on this app. I know it may be silly to you, but it really felt like a community, whether I was as apart of it as I wanted to be or not.