Since I got my iPhone 6s many moons ago I had been using an old temporary case that my mom got for her phone when she got the iPhone 6. It was just a clear case, nothing special about it. I didn't have enough money for a nicer case so I just used that case until I'd buy a new one. I liked the clear case because it showed off my brand new ROSE GOLD (yes, I got it in rose gold, what of it?) phone. It was just so beautiful. I was planning on getting a case with a clear backing and a design so you could 1. see the phone in all it's beautiful rose gold glory and 2. not have a boring as fuck case. The only problem with this plan was that I put it off...for a really long time. I searched for cases online and loved so many of them, but because I am incredibly cheap when it comes to most things, I never bought any of them.

I discovered Casetify a few years ago. I think I had the iPhone 5s when I first checked out their site. At the time Hilary Duff was heavily promoting their cases and I thought "If Lizzie McGuire likes these phone cases maybe I will too" I remember making a couple of designs of my own on their site with some pictures of my cat. I thought they were cute. You can pick different patterns with lots of pictures, or just a couple of pictures. You can put fake stickers on the cases, too. They have a lot of fun options. If you'd rather just buy a case they also sell cases designed by tons of other people. Obviously I wouldn't buy a case with someone else's pictures on it, but they design a lot of cool artwork and there's tons to choose from.

I got some money for Christmas (shout out, Nana) and decided to use it towards a new case. I went online and designed a case using one of their templates and all of my pictures. I used pictures from my recent trip to Disney World in October with my best friends. That trip was a huge highlight for me in 2016 considering I never usually go on trips and I had only been to Disney World once as a kid. I wanted to be able to look at some of those pictures easily, instead of digging through the 12,000+ photos I currently have on my phone. It took A LOT of tweaking but I was finally happy with how the phone case came out. I ordered it right away, but some fumbles happened because of their holiday orders.

Casetify emailed me a week after ordering to tell me they had a mix up with their inventory and didn't actually have the case I ordered. They offered me several different color options or I could just get my money back. I received the email in the middle of the night. I was half asleep and just sent them back an email telling them "pastel peach please". They emailed me a couple hours later thanking me for the quick response and telling me the case was being made. I was excited, mainly because I fell asleep right after emailing them back and forgot all about it. Less than a week later the case arrived. I met the mailman in my driveway as I was getting home from work and he gave it to me. I ran inside and was so excited to see it.

I put it on my phone and I'm not sure it fits right just yet. I think it needs a little stretching, but otherwise it's really cute

Don't mind my weird face in the background. It looks really good in person. If you're interested the pictures are:

  1. an autumn Mickey wreath
  2. a Mickey ice cream
  3. the Epcot ball at night
  4. my friends and I in Disney Springs with a blow up jack o lantern Mickey
  5. my friends and I at the Grand Floridian 
  6. again, my friends and I but this time in Hollywood Studios
  7. Cinderella's castle
  8. a Mickey shaped pretzel (because it was amazing)
  9. my friends and I at the Epcot ball
  10. and lastly, me and Tigger
I think the case just needs a little getting used to and I'll be 100% satisfied. I love how the pictures came out and really liked how quickly they were to fix the color problem. Anyway, if you need a new phone case, I like Casetify. They're always offering different deals. I got $5 off with a New Years offer code. Right now they have a $10 off of $60 deal with the code HAPPY2017, if you're interested. It ends today!