As a New Years resolution I decided it'd be a good idea to do some more writing on this site, not so much for me but for you because I know you all love reading about me so much. If you enjoy stupid and miserable stories, then you're bound to love this one. 

I turned 25 on January 5th (thanks for the cards, NOT. I know you didn't know), and every day I have been 25 I have been different levels of both sick and miserable. The picture above was taken on my birthday. I tried to look presentable that day but I feel like it didn't work, possibly because I was running on 3 hours of sleep. I was coughing up some mucus right before I took this selfie. If you look at my lip you can see that it's slightly bleeding from it being severely dry and me biting it for no reason at all other than I like to bite my lip sometimes, ok? Get off my damn back! My family took me out to dinner right after this. I barely ate my meal and coughed very loudly the entire time. I think I chased a huge party out of the restaurant because I was just so damn gross.

I have yet to get any better. Over the weekend I woke up very early. I have been waking up 3-6 times every night since I got sick right after New Years. I fell back asleep around 5 am on Saturday and woke up to my left ear being so clogged I could cry, and THAT I DID. I sobbed. It hurt so badly. I am still clogged 4 days later. It still hurts, just not as bad as it did. If someone stands on my left and talks to me (which has happened several times since this started) I can't hear a single word they're say. I don't even acknowledge it, because I literally can't even hear words leave their mouth. 

To top all of this off I tried squeezing a blackhead out of my forehead and may or may not have slightly used a tweezer to help. The tweezer that I may or may not have used didn't actually help and this is what I looked like all weekend

I have jokingly called myself Charles Manson a few times just because he also did something stupid to his forehead. My mom tells me it looks like I've been shot. I didn't leave the house for a couple days after this and when I did decide to venture to Walgreens for medicine I wore a hat so no one would see how much of a sad excuse for a human being I am. In that picture my nose is dried out, my forehead is cut open, my lips are so dry they're bleeding slightly, and I can barely hear a thing. Living the dream, right? 

I got a humidifier to possibly help me out of this mess. It has made my skin less dry so far, but today I woke up with very crusty and irritated/itchy as hell eyes? WHY THO? WHY ME? So far almost every day of 2017 has been miserable garbage and every day of being 25 has been a fucking mess. I never thought I'd see the day where my one true wish is that I could hear again and lose this constant earache but I knew 2017 was gonna have something special laid out for me, I just knew it.