Whenever I'm on Facebook I see "I did (insert thing here) for a week and here's what happened" articles pretty much every day. I decided to try this out and see how it worked. So this week I decided to just dress how I normally would based on my moods and document and see what happened.

Above we see Tuesday. I didn't decide to do this until Tuesday so that's what you get. This is a basic "I'm going to the gym after work" outfit so I wore work out pants, my Planned Parenthood tee, and some Nikes. Comfort = goals

After the gym I changed into pajamas, which I always do when I have nothing else to do for the rest of the day. Tuesday was my third day in a row wearing them

Wednesday may have looked like a gym day, but it certainly wasn't. I felt super dirty (because I hadn't showered since Saturday at this point shhhh) so I wore clothes I didn't care about. I looked like a walking UCB billboard because of my hoodie and Del Close Marathon tee. My pants were coated in cat fur even though they were clean. I like to wear Christmas socks all year long and these were on top in my sock drawer so on they went!

On Thursday whoops forgot to take a picture before I changed! I wore my Bernie Sanders tee to the gym with some leggings. I had showered at this point but didn't do my hair so I looked like early Hermione Granger.

I bought this North Face on Wednesday and took a picture of it just to document how cool I looked so enjoy

On Friday I felt horrible. I had a headache all day but I wasn't gonna miss bagel day at work so I got dressed and headed out for the day. I did laundry Thursday so all my stuff was clean. I did, however, feel like I had already wore that tee during the week even though I know I didn't. I guess that's my punishment for dressing pretty much the same every day.

By Saturday I was 100% fed up with my shitty week. The saddest part about it was that I wasn't dressing poorly for this "experiment". I just normally look like a walking trash monster. I took a shower, DID MY HAIR, and actually wore a decent outfit to hang out with friends in.

So what did I learn? I learned that I need to be stopped. I am a menace to society and should be punished for making people look at me every day. I am very positive that I'm not really going to change, though, and will continue to look like a dumpster if it means I can sleep in forever (which, let's face it, is living the dream).