HEY EVERYONE! How was your summer? Mine was pretty good. Didn't wear too many cool outfits since I'm more into fall clothing so I haven't been updating you. Sorry! It's starting to get a little cooler here (fun fact, there was so much heat and humidity during this shoot I was sweating more than I ever have before) which means more fun outfits! This is a dress I've wanted for a long time but was too afraid to try it since I'm pretty short (5'3 to be exact). Maxi dresses have always appealed to me but I can't really wear any. This one is actually on the short side (41 inches full length). I was ecstatic when it fit me! To play it safe I also decided to wear some heels with it, but I had a problem. I didn't own any heels that fit or weren't boots! So I did quite a bit of shopping for this outfit, all from Forever 21.

I had to go to a couple of different malls to find everything I wanted. I found these shoes before the dress. The heel is small enough where I'm comfortable walking in them and they're nude so they work with anything and everything.

I was looking for a short silver necklace for this dress and this is exactly what I wanted. Simple but eye catching and very cute.

I didn't want to go crazy on jewelry since this dress already has a pretty awesome silver belt. I mixed metals a bit since I really wanted to wear my new Alex and Ani bracelet that Christian gave me for our anniversary. I also chose an interesting Essie polish called For The Twill of It with this. The color looks different in different lighting.

I really felt awesome in this dress and got several compliments on how I looked, even though the humidity killed my hair. I found this dress to be super flattering and just all around awesome. If you're short you can still rock a maxi dress!

Oh, and here's an outtake from the shoot. It's probably my favorite picture of me ever.

Here's where I got my clothes:

M-Slit Maxi Dress and Faux Suede Pumps from Forever 21
Found the necklace in the store but here are similar online:

All photos by Christian Geisler