This year the Javits Center hosted BookCon, a convention dedicated to books, authors, publishers, and all that jazz. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day!

A new Simpsons book is coming out for their 25th anniversary. Christian and a silly pair of legs had a lot of fun with this cardboard cutout!

I MET DANIELLE FISHEL AKA TOPANGA LAWRENCE MATTHEWS! She's coming out with a new book about her life and I knew I needed to meet her. She was super sweet and made me love Boy Meets World a little more (if that's even possible!)

She signed these cards to promote her book, even though I brought the Boy Meets World 7th season DVD just in case!

Christian and I went to Jason Segel's panel to hear about his new children's/everyone's book Nightmares! 

There he is, thanks to my terrible iPhone picture! The book sounds super interesting and cool. It will also have illustrations. I went to their website and saw some of the pictures. They are really cool!
Unfortunately we got there too late for the Amy Poehler Martin Short panel about their new books but we had a great time! We weren't allowed into BEA to see any of those booths but that was ok. R.L. Stine walked past us in the Danielle Fishel line! I wanted to not thank him for terrifying me as a child.