Greetings comrades! Marlee Robinson here with an #OOTD that I am CRAZY about! 

I've wanted a galaxy print dress for a while now and this skater dress from Forever 21 plus is to die for. I was nervous about buying it online because I wanted to try it out first so I hit up the mall with my friend Sarah. We were both looking for this dress and we both got it because we loved it.

The print is a bit overwhelming online but in person it's a lot more tame, which I prefer. I'd like to send a shout out to Sarah (a different Sarah) at Curvily for her post about this dress on her blog. She convinced me to actually go out and get it. The cardigan is also from Forever 21 plus. I've been meaning to find a basic black one that actually fit me instead of the one I have that I can't move in.

I love the look of the skirt too. Boots or heels pair nicely with this, especially if you're shorter like me. I'm between 5'2" and 5'3". Most of the models Forever 21 plus uses are a lot taller. This dress and cardigan are both size 1X, mainly because of my arms and chest, which is why the dress is so long. I enjoyed pairing this with black heeled booties but I'm also gonna try pairing it with black laced boots from Target that I just got today.

I usually wear very simple jewelry. I paired this outfit with a simple gold triangle initial necklace my boyfriend gave me last December and my gold Kenneth Cole watch. I think simple things pair really well with a really interesting print like this one.

Here are a couple more pictures from the shoot that I liked:

Here's where I got my clothes:

Kenneth Cole watch from Macy's

All photos by Christian Geisler