New York Comic Con starts this week, you guys! It is the East Coast's BIGGEST pop culture convention, for those of you who don't know. Comic Cons are held all over the place, San Diego's being the most popular of all the cons. I will be attending with my boyfriend for 3 days (Friday-Sunday)! I went to NYCC in 2011 with a 3 day pass and it was super exciting and fun. There are so many cool panels to see and booths to check out. If you're going, HAVE A GREAT TIME! If you want to go, Thursday passes are the only ones left. They're $30. Thursday is the big comedy night so if you're in the area and like Janeane Garofalo, Brian Posehn, and fun and comedy in general, get your pass here.

I have lots of ideas for blogging about and on the trip. I WILL be taking my computer and camera so look out for updates throughout the week. I might make a post about packing (I'm not sure yet) since I just got a rad new suitcase. I will TOTALLY be posting #OOTD posts for every day/thing we do (seeing Book of Mormon on Friday night which is A HUGE DEAL) so look out for my "hip" outfits. Again, if you're going have fun! If not, I'm sorry, but don't forget about next year! And if you are interested in going Thursday check out the site or the previous link I posted. I'll be posting more right.............NOW!