People are weird, at least they are to me. I think I am especially weird, considering I have been told that I am by numerous people. But to me being weird is kind of normal. I don't understand why more people don't sing and dance while walking down the street or why no one else makes as many bizarre faces at the camera as I do. I'm sure other people do these things, but they're probably embarrassed by it. I decided last year that I wouldn't be embarrassed doing things I loved to do anymore and things have really improved for me emotionally. I jump around and dance in public and snort laugh really loudly when I find something hilarious. I used to think I had a weird laugh and people would stare at me funny when I did it but now they just laugh louder and it's awesome.

You can't be embarrassed by the things you love. It's not fun to have to hide your true feelings because you're afraid people might look at you differently. Being weird is super fun. I've grown to like the attention I get when I start screaming or laughing too loudly. I love when people watch me dance when I'm in a long line. I find it funny when people on my train stare at me while I act out the song I'm listening to with my headphones. If I stayed in my whole "I hope no one is watching" mentality I wouldn't be in comedy. I would've just stayed put in the quiet background. But guess what? I actually love being in front of a crowd. I love hearing the laughs I get and I love not being embarrassed to be up there in front of everyone. I used to have horrible stage fright but I dance myself silly on that stage. I love when all eyes are on me and people are loving what I'm doing. I'm not embarrassed doing what I love anymore and you shouldn't be either. Being weird is pretty cool, you guys (NAME OF THE BLOG POST OH MY GOD), and you should feel good being yourself in public. Weird people have the most fun and I know this is true because I have more fun being myself now than when I was timid and nervous a couple years ago. You're gonna hear me roar (yes, I am listening to "Roar" which is inspiring this post) and you're gonna love it.