So here's the scoop on why I chose this outfit for my newest #OOTD post. It's a little TMI so bear with me. I had common flat warts on my right arm and right leg and my dermatologist told me I wasn't allowed to shave FOR 8 WEEKS. In this VERY hot summer wearing pants was kind of the worst thing ever. I also wasn't allowed to expose the warts to the sun or go swimming with them (since the doctor had to remove some and now I have weird round scars that would get infected by pool water yadda yadda yadda). So anyway this summer was hot and I was sad. I went back to the dermatologist on Monday and he told me the warts are gone and that I can shave again! So I took care of the long weird hair and my legs have never looked and felt better. I wanted to wear something showy for this new outfit so I went for this Trixxi dress I got from Burlington Coat Factory (SIDENOTE: I just found out while writing this that Trixxi is a company for juniors so I'm surprised this dress actually fits well) for $20.

This dress is stunning. My friend Sam has the same one and it's gorgeous on her too. All of my friends tried it on and it's sort of the sisterhood of the travelling pants of dresses.

I paired the jacket (since it's strapless) with this military jacket (also got the idea from Sam. She's so fashionable). The girly lacey-ness from the dress really pairs well with the boyish look of the military jacket.

I just got these boots from UO a couple of weeks ago and they are so comfortable oh my goodness gracious. I wear them all the time and performed my last two improv shows in them. They're super cute and go well with tons of items in my wardrobe. Perfect boots for the fall.

My boyfriend and I just had our one year anniversary and he got me this harmonica necklace as a gift (along with Book of Mormon tickets!). I got him a Dalek alarm clock but that's for another post (or is it!?). You can actually play this tiny little Hohner harmonica!

This shoot was pretty fun. Took a little while to find a park with no people in it but it was still awesome. I haven't this dress in months so I love being able to wear it again. Here are some other pictures I enjoyed from the shoot.

Here's where I got my clothes:

Trixxi dress from Burlington Coat Factory (most likely gone by now, sorry)
Garage military jacket (on sale for $15 but again probably gone)

(SIDENOTE: I look really cool leaning against a car)

All photos by Christian Geisler