So I briefly mentioned in my last life update post that I just recently started wearing regular pants again and not just leggings (it was a HUGE thing for me to process). I LOVE pants again. They're so comfortable (now that I found my right size and what works for me). I am a plus size girl. I like plus sized clothes because they're quite fashionable and they fit so comfortably. I've been really digging the plus sized section at Forever 21. They have a lot of different options for different shaped girls. I am one of those girls that can really work button downs.

I'm not usually into light colors like this because my skin tone is so pale but I really love the color of this shirt. The shape does wonders for me. It isn't your run of the mill button down. 

I chose to pair this outfit with some old Steve Madden boots I got half off at DSW. They're comfy and the heel looks great with this outfit. The color works super well contrasting with the shirt.

I also added some spice to this outfit with some bright gold bracelets. They really bring the outfit together.

This is the first time I decided to wear this shirt with these pants and boots. I loved pairing them all up and I will be doing it again for the fall (with a jacket to bring it all together of course! Fall is chilly).

Since I haven't done one of these in a while I had fun during the photo shoot. Here's my favorite shot from the whole thing (and you can tell it's my favorite because, well, you can):

I'm a badass.

Here's where I got my clothes:

Steve Madden boots

All photos by Christian Geisler