To start off this life update I'd like to apologize for not updating in a very long time. I know some of you are probably devastated (not) that it took me this long to tell you about my fascinating life. Well let's start!

I GOT A BUNNY! Well, an adult rabbit. I adopted her from my best friend Nicole. Her name is Night Fury. Night Fury Robinson...The Musical. Just kidding. That's a joke I enjoy. I'm not sure what kind of rabbit she is but she is extremely cute and hard to photograph.

Pictures don't really do her justice, mainly because without flash you can't get her and with flash her eyes are creepy red. I used a flashlight to get this iPhone shot.

She's so sweet and cute and I love her so much. After getting her I found it appropriate to get these fun rings from Forever 21

so everyone would know that I have a bunny and kitty cats back at home. Also these rings can be used as a weapon so if you love cute things and have some enemies these rings might be perfect for you.

In comedy news I started me new improv 401 at UCB. We have our first class show on Saturday August 10th at 4:15 PM at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea (307 West 26th St., $5 at the door) and you should totally come if you enjoy live comedy and my face (among other faces).

In other news I went to a party recently for my friend's 21st birthday.

See the one in the circle? That's her!
We took a limo to New Brunswick and had a really delicious birthday dinner, some drinks, and some weird shots that consisted of whiskey and pickle juice.

I had TWO dates for the evening, my best friend Sam and my actual boyfriend. We had a ton of fun and got to play with my friend Julia's kitten Demetri (not sure how she spells it but I'm spelling it like the comedian).

He was just the cutest! I haven't held a small kitten in several years (how old is Angus?) and it was really really awesome to hold one again. I would recommend everyone do this as some sort of cheap wonderful therapy.

I guess I have no other news except for the fact that I WEAR PANTS NOW (pictures to come in an OOTD post) and that I went a little crazy playing with GIMP today for these pictures (that might be obvious to some of you). I'll hopefully be doing an outfit post soon for you guys so you know how much I love the jeans at Forever 21. And also MAYBE COME TO MY IMPROV SHOW! It'll be fun and I'll really appreciate the support. I've been breaking a lot in class so maybe I'll pull a pathetic Fallon for you guys (mine would be pathetic, his is always glorious).