This is something I wrote on Tumblr earlier. I don't usually put my opinions about this online because I'm not one to start a fight but this really pissed me off. Enjoy!:

I was just scrolling on my Facebook news feed and ‘Girls’ posted a status that was Hannah and Marnie’s fight when they decided to not live together anymore, and above is one of the comments on that someone wrote. I don’t care that they think Hannah is annoying. Whatever. “I hope she dies of her fatness" is horrible. I am so sick of seeing comments on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter that are along those lines. One Instagram Forever 21 posts pictures from their plus size line sometimes (which I LOVE) and there are ALWAYS comments that are like “she’s fat" “she’s so ugly, lose weight" and so on. Those women aren’t ugly. None of them are. And no one ever comments on the regular photos they post with “she’s thin" “oh man, gain some weight". So many people think that “fat people" are “ugly" because they’re larger. That isn’t true. I am larger and for the longest time I thought I was ugly because of that. I don’t anymore. I think I look pretty good now and I actually wear clothing that shows off features I’d usually hide, primarily my arms. My point is, STOP SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT LARGER PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY’RE “FAT". If someone is an asshole, then yeah, they’re an asshole. If someone is mean to you, go ahead and feel whatever feelings you have about them. But if someone is larger DON’T go out of your way to comment on how you “hate" that or they “should change", especially if you don’t even know them. It’s messed up. My feelings get hurt just seeing people get treated that way by strangers on the internet. I’m sorry about this post. I don’t usually go on rants but this REALLY bothered me. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, some people just act ugly.