Yesterday my brother, dad, and I moved A LOT of furniture. I used to have a twin bed and it was starting to get to me. It was very small and my body wasn't liking not having as much room as I really wanted. I was cramped every night. Whenever my boyfriend stays over my house I make him sleep on the floor because the bed wasn't big enough for two people to just lay on comfortably for a few hours. My twin was part of an old bunk bed my brother and I shared years ago. I kept the twin (top bunk) while the futon (bottom bunk) stayed downstairs as a comfortable guest bed. A few weeks ago I asked my parents if we could move it up to my room and they said yes. Doing this would give me a new bed, give my brother my old bed (with a new mattress) and give his old bed a permanent home downstairs where the futon was. It was a lot of work but here is the end result:

I bet you love that M&M pillow

I have SO much more room now. Last night was the first night in weeks where I didn't wake up multiple times from discomfort. And I love the new sheets and comforter I got. My boyfriend got them for me for an 8 monthiversary present. They're so soft and comfortable. We got them at Target. I love chevron stripes.