I LOVE wearing black. It's super duper slimming and I appreciate that. I've worn all black and it usually looks a bit not right. All of my black stuff looks off with each other since black fades. In the dark it looks a lot better but I prefer taking my pictures for this blog in the light. I decided to wear a black dress that I love and add little bits of color to it.

Because this dress is insanely low cut I need to wear a tank top under it. I usually wear a black tank top with it but I was really feeling this cranberry tank my friend Sam gave me. It matches really well with the colorful cardigan I paired with the outfit for the first time. It's super light and since it's getting hotter out I decided to try this cardigan instead of the usual blazer I wear with this outfit.

Of course I had to wear bike shorts under the dress since it's so short. I decided to wear my old gladiator sandals and they actually broke before this shoot. I went to Target right after and bought a new pair of sandals because I only have one other pair and one is not enough for me. The silver shoes really worked well with the silver ring I paired them with.

This was just a really fun outfit to try out that I'll most likely be wearing again this summer. It was comfy and cool and I highly recommend pairing a black dress with little bits of color for the summer. Summer is all about color and fun and this outfit had a good amount of color and a great amount of fun.

Also I was having a good hair day today and just wanted to share that with you (also I'm kind of cute).

Here's where I got my clothes:

Forever 21 cardigan and bike shorts
Dressbarn tank top
Target gladiator sandals
Ring I got from work for Christmas

All photos by Christian Geisler