For a while now I've wanted to make outfit posts for this blog thingy but I was always so bad at trying to capture what my clothes actually looked like on me (because I'm bad at angles when it comes to myself) so I got my boyfriend to use his really nice camera to take some pictures. Hopefully this will happen a lot more often.

This is an outfit I've had for almost a whole year now. I wore it to my friend's big Fourth of July party last year and got SO many compliments. It's a very comfy dress from Forever 21 that I got super cheap and it actually fits. A lot of times dresses from Forever 21 don't fit my chest but this one actually does and it's amazing. Plus it makes my chest look pretty nice.

These shoes are from Urban Outfitters. When I first ordered them they were on back order and I forgot to cancel my order so I randomly got them in the mail a month and a half later. They're a really bright coral that really adds to the darker colors of the outfit.

I almost always have my watch on but I never really remember that it's on so I'm always asking people what time it is. This watch is really amazing so it makes me feel really dumb when I forget I have it on. My Nana gave it to me as a gift almost a year ago (actually it could've been a year ago).

Not surprisingly this is my favorite photo from the day. I'm just so cute, right? 

Anyway, I hope to make more outfit posts soon. Just gotta get going with taking pictures. Here's where I got my clothes:

Forever 21 cardigan, dress, & bicycle shorts
Urban Outfitters shoes & M heart locket
Kenneth Cole NY gold watch

All photos by Christian Geisler