I don't buy as much stuff as I used to (believe it or not) so there isn't that much I have to share with you for this Things I Bought That I Love. But I can assure you that there will be a few cool things included in this post. The first thing I'd like to share with you is this Kimchi Blue Knit Floral Skater Dress in Black Multi ($39) from Urban Outfitters. I ADORE this dress. I wear it super often, too.

I decided to wear it out to dinner one night with my boyfriend and I styled it up with these open toed yellow wedged heels I bought at Payless a couple years ago.

I also wore it out for a fun photo shoot with my friend Sam to our favorite reservation and wore her Forever 21 vest over it. This dress is so easy to style and it looks amazing with different body types. One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Grasie Mercedes, just posted a blog post about it TODAY and the dress looks gorgeous on her. Take a look!

The next thing I want to talk about is this Deena & Ozzy Zip Wallet ($18) in Iridescent, also from Urban Outfitters.

I'm a fan of cool wallets. My last wallet was a golden map of the subway system in NYC so of course I had to get a cool wallet to replace it. This wallet is a lot smaller than I thought it would be and that's fine with me because I tend to collect things in my wallets like old ticket stubs and notes. This new wallet only holds my important cards and money and that's pretty much it (and a note from my boyfriend that you can see in this picture). The wallet in Iridescent has sold out since I got mine but Urban also offers it in Floral, Copper, Turquoise, and Pink (I prefer the floral one out of all of the other colors).

NEXT UP I want to talk about Essie Nail Polish.

Urban Outfitters just started selling Essie polish and it's a lot cheaper than Butter London (though I love them so!) and I heard good things about it so I decided to try it out. I purchased the colors Mademoiselle (left) and Smokin' Hot (right) if I remember correctly. I bought Butler Please (center) at my local Walgreens. My friend Maggie picked it and I LOVE it.

I also found Mint Candy Apple super cheap on Amazon and got it. It took forever to come in the mail but it's beautiful.

This is from the first time I used it. Pretty bad. I'm not that good with light colors. I used a base coat for the first time ever and my nails actually stayed fine for a long time.

I took off that polish today and did a springy combo of Butler Please and Mint Candy Apple. I did a much better job on these. I think the colors look great together and really make each other pop.

The last thing I want to talk about is Baby Lips lip balm by Maybelline.

I LOVE this stuff. I haven't been able to use it  recently ,though, because I ate at an Applebees in Maryland that severely dried out my lips so I'm in a Vaseline treatment right now. But I really recommend this stuff. It comes in different flavors but of course I chose plain. I still love it though!

That concludes this edition of Things I Bought That I Love! Thank you for reading (if you did)!