I've decided to share some more things with you guys that I wouldn't normally make full posts since I don't have that much to say about them all. I just figured some of them might be interesting so here you go:
  • I bought this mint clutch from ASOS a couple weeks ago to use at a summer wedding. I've used it a few times already and I love it. It's so beautiful and I love mint. It's super in right now.
  • As you know I made an Instagram account with dumb pictures of my cat called Stupid_Angus. Some people actually like these ridiculous photos of my cat.
  • I just started using Snapchat (my mom made me which is weird) and I LOVE it. We always send each other pictures of the cats or Frasier.
  • My friend Maggie and I had pomegranate margaritas at Chili's last Friday. They were DELICIOUS! I love Chili's and was pleasantly surprised to find that this drink was actually really good. Plus I really love the glass they serve it in. 
  • I went for a walk with my boyfriend after my grandma's service on Saturday. We went back behind my house and followed the train tracks until we hit the end. We ended up at the river and some people were fishing on the other side of the bridge behind me. It was a really cool walk with some really pretty views.
  • That night we also had Purple Haze beer. It was my first time trying it and I really really liked it. Plus it's got purple in the name.
  • My dad told me that I can move the spare futon up into my room so I can have a bigger bed. I haven't done it yet but I'm going to find sheets and a comforter soon and hopefully in the next week I'll have the big bed. It's super comfy (surprisingly) and I can't wait to finally have some room when I sleep.
  • My mom found a picture of me and my sister mixed in with her old photos and hung this one up on the fridge (like the magnet?). She says that my sister looks just like me when I looked like that. I don't see it.
  • I bought Cosmo yesterday at Walgreens for no reason. I read the whole thing and I'll probably read it several times since I like magazines. I never buy them. I buy like 2 a year but I was so tempted to get it so I did.
Those are some of my small updates. I don't really have anything else interesting going on right now. I'll do these from time to time when I don't have a full post to write about so you can still have something silly to read. I hope you enjoyed this Little Things post!


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