Welcome back to TV Time! I have decided that once I hit episode 5 of Spongebob I'll start to add other shows to my roster. If you have anything in particular that you'd like me to do leave a comment or send me a tweet.

Today I will be doing episode 4 in the series. The first half of the episode is called "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" In this episode Squidward tricks Spongebob and Patrick into not being friends with each other anymore but it backfires for Squidward.

Things That Stood Out:

  • Squidward made a painting to go with his souffle
  • When he strips down to shower socks fly by in the background
  • I find it funny that Spongebob and Patrick have backyards in this episode and no other episodes
  • I wish you could actually whisper into bubbles with little messages
  • Squidward blows a bubble with a fork
  • "Of course, Patrick. Anyone with eyes can see that"
  • "Yellow is ugly"
  • Squidward's impression of Patrick is pretty spot on
  • They weren't even blowing bubbles to each other but they thought they were
  • Patrick as an accordion
  • Squidward's choking on that fork
  • I never knew what K-O meant when I watched this as a child
  • "I know what to do but I should wash my hands first. Oh well"
  • The way Patrick says "friend" and touches Squidward is weird
  • "Yeah! E Minor! Alright! Yeah!"
  • Spongebob and I have the same three friends
  • Spongebob rips off his pants and has the tightest speedo on
  • Spongebob says friend twice as creepy as Patrick
  • "Squidward is my best friend in the world" screech
  • That painting of Squidward freaking out
  • "My best friend and my ex best friend and rubber bath toys!"
  • Squidward needs to get those two out of his "hair"
  • The fact that Spongebob smells the letter and knows it's from Squidward is creepy
  • That has never looked like soda to me
  • "How 'bout some for your best friend?" "Thanks best friend!"
  • "Patrick your glass is full"
  • They looks so cuddly filled with all that soda
  • Squidward shouldn't have even bothered coming back
  • "What a surprise. I invited them in and I left them alone"
The second half of episode 4 features "Boating School" Personally I love this episode. Spongebob always fails his driving test (something I can relate to) and gets Patrick to help him pass. Patrick is super funny in this one.

Things That Stood Out:
  • I've always loved Spongebob's giant calendar
  • This episode made me want to learn how to ride a unicycle
  • "I'm ready Squidward!" "Ready to move?"
  • "Hey I just got my license!" "Hey I'm getting mine next! "Hey I doubt it!"
  • Mrs. Puff is one of my favorite characters
  • I'm glad we don't have oral exams to get your license. I'd fail
  • Mrs. Puff puts on a helmet before Spongebob's test
  • "Ok Spongebob, what's the first thing you do?" "1924?"
  • All those weird green fish are watching his test
  • "My leg!"
  • I've never failed 38 times
  • Spongebob's ass is upright in his bed and it looks kind of awesome but mainly ridiculous
  • For some reason Patrick is kind of smart in this episode. He said he'll do the "thinking" for him
  • Just wear this cowboy hat. No one will notice the antenna
  • I need a pair of lucky underwear
  • "Act natural!" and he starts grazing
  • Mrs. Puff got dropped off by an ambulance
  • I love how big the telescope is that Patrick's using. He can see everything perfectly from Spongebob's house
  • "BIG. TOE."
  • A wall that says "WALL" on it
  • This is the weirdest driving course I've ever seen
  • I love how Patrick looks in Spongebob's pants
  • Patrick's just gonna read Spongebob's diary and eat all his food
  • Patrick's legs kicking in those pants
  • And then Spongebob realizes he's been cheating
  • Patrick freaks out and hides in his house
  • Mrs. Puff doesn't care about the cheating. She just doesn't want to die
  • "Cheater cheater pumpkin eater!"
  • "Oh Spongebob. Whyyyyyyyyy!"
  • Mrs. Puff was pretty much expecting Spongebob to let her down
  • "Gary! My bike!"
  • I wish he kept riding that unicycle throughout the show
  • "Alright! Let's go surprise someone at the hospital!"
That's it for this episode. And next time I do one I'll start to branch out with other shows. If there's one you'd like me to do please comment or send me a tweet. Thanks for reading!


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