Since I enjoyed writing the first TV Time earlier I decided I wanted to do it again even though hardly any time has passed. It also helps that Spongebob is super funny. I'll be covering Episode 3 of the series right now. The first half of the episode is "Jellyfishing" In this episode Spongebob and Patrick decide to give Squidward the "best day ever" after he gets injured on his bike.

Things That Stood Out:
  • Spongebob's silent nod tells Patrick it's time to suit up for jellyfishing. This is almost like a Batman and Robin montage but totally different since they just put together nets and get rope burn
  • And then they skip after the jellyfish...and get stung
  • I feel like they should've gotten hurt more from the tumbling over each other
  • Squidward taught me about sarcasm growing up
  • Squidward doesn't even know Patrick's name
  • "Maybe he doesn't like us" "No, are you kidding? We're his best friends"
  • Who rides a bike for what seems like 4 straight minutes with their eyes closed?
  • And Squidward explodes after falling off of the cliff
  • The picture of Spongebob and Squidward in the "friends" frame gets me every time
  • Patrick and Spongebob are on the phone together in the same room but the room has very contrasting wallpapers
  • "Welcome home, Squidward!" "Merry Christmas!"
  • Best Day Ever soup
  • I could watch Spongebob lick his lips for hours
  • "The one sure fire thing that will make your Best Day Ever THE Best Day Ever!" and it's jellyfishing
  • Squidward tries to wheel away
  • "Go Squider!"
  • Jellyfishing is such a graceful and majestic sport
  • Spongebob keeps singing as they're tumbling down the cliff
  • Squidward looks super creepy when he does his evil smile while wearing that full body cast
  • And then he just starts beating the giant jellyfish with his net
  • "Use that net!" "Be the net!"
  • And I feel like Squidward should've died from that blast
  • Squidward got to take a hospital bed home with him
  • And another giant blast for Squidward
The second half of Episode 3 is "Plankton!" In this one we meet Plankton for the first time and find out that he's evil which is always fun.

Things That Stood Out:
  • Boats are actually parked in the back of the Krusty Krab. I love how sometimes they have a parking lot there or some cars but most of the time people just walk in from off the street
  • "Ha ha ha ha! You're killing me Spongebob! You really are"
  • "Mr. Krabs! The Krabby Patty is haunted!"
  • "I went to college!" seems to mean nothing to Mr. Krabs just like most employers now
  • I always forget about the giant fist holding the handle of the Chum Bucket
  • "You blasted barnacle head! I mean...hi!"
  • "Shing! Sparkle sparkle"
  • I love that Plankton puts a party hat on Spongebob's thumb
  • Plankton really wants that booster seat
  • The record player!
  • Spongebob has floral bed sheets but he never has them again
  • The alphabet song!
  • Plankton's map is just a regular map with a brain in the middle of it
  • I love how Spongebob's brain isn't attached to anything. It just moves around in his head and Plankton has to tape it down
  • "And now for my very elaborate and college educated plan" Control -> Brain
  • "I guess I'm not wearing any pants today"
  • Plankton is so mean to Squidward here and he totally deserves it for being, what Plankton calls, "pretentious"
  • "You never liked me anyway! You wouldn't come to my birthday party!"
  • How does Plankton get Spongebob to make a Krabby Patty when he doesn't know how it's made?
  • "This is my Lab!" ruff ruff "And this is my laboratory!"
  • "Seaweed: 50% sea 50% weed" Good to know...for the future...
  • "Steamy"
  • And now Spongebob tells Plankton how to put the patty together and Plankton jumps the patty
  • Plankton's only a little bit evil. He's mainly hot gas
That's it for Episode 3. I promise I'll stay updated if you continue to read these silly little things.