I like to read AV Club reviews of shows that I enjoy/don't watch but I really only like reading the "Stray Observations" portions of the reviews which is why I've decided that I will be doing my own version of "Stray Observations" for shows the AV Club doesn't review on my blog called "TV Time". I'll be providing  the episode titles, numbers, and a tiny description for you but my main concern is the good/odd/interesting things I find in the episode. I'll always be typing up my "observations" as I'm watching the episodes so you can see what really caught my eye throughout. Most of you have probably already seen all of the Spongebob episodes already so I won't be ruining anything for you. Eventually I might do this with other shows too and if you have any you want me to do just let me know.

Netflix doesn't have the actual first episode of Spongebob (I'm not sure why), so I'll be starting with Episode 2. The first half of episode two is called "Bubblestand" In this episode Spongebob builds a bubble stand and charges 25 cents to let costumers blow a bubble. Patrick is his only customer and, of course, they annoy Squidward.

Things That Stood Out:
  • Spongebob's weird creep to the front yard is something you never see on this show again
  • "Who in the world would pay to blow bubbles?" Patrick comes out of his house
  • Patrick doesn't have any money to his name so he borrows a quarter from Spongebob to blow a bubble and yet Patrick has a "house"
  • "How did I get surrounded by such loser neighbors?"
  • Spongebob also charges lessons for 25 cents and Patrick can't afford that either
  • The technique Spongebob shows Patrick is something I used to show family members at parties when I was younger
  • I always loved that Spongebob can blow bubbles in the shapes of things like boats and animals besides them just being boring round bubbles
  • "Ha ha ha ha it's a giraffe!"
  • Spongebob feels sympathetic when the bubble flies into Squidward's house but Patrick just keeps laughing like a moron
  • "We're not just blowing bubbles. We're making bubble art"
  • Squidward's eyes move in the weirdest way when he watches Spongebob's bubble technique
  • Squidward picks up the bubble wand and sniffs it like that'll do something
  • The fact that Spongebob tests Squidward's quarter to make sure it's real always gets me
  • Not only is Squidward untalented when it comes to art and music but he can't even blow a bubble
  • "The pelvic woo!"
  • "You're...not...doing the...technique"
  • During Squidward's technique both of his eyes turn into one huge eye and it's not a surprise his prize winning bubble was blown by screaming into the bubble wand
  • "Squid's got genes!"
  • Suddenly Squidward becomes good at the clarinet after he blows the giant bubble and then gets carried away by the same bubble which is great because it shows us that terrible stuff always happens to him and it does throughout the series
The second part of Episode 2 is called "Ripped Pants" In this one, Spongebob goes to "Goo Lagoon" (the beach, and this is the first of many episodes it's featured in) with Sandy and tries to get her attention over Larry the Lobster.

Things That Stood Out:
  • Goo Lagoon is a "stinky mud puddle to you and me" according to the narrator
  • Spongebob's impression of Squidward with the sand is spot on
  • When he delivers the fake sand pizzas Spongebob has a Krusty Krab sand hat on
  • Larry invites the two of them to lift weights in front of a crowd which I didn't know people did at the beach
  • One guy having a camp fire by himself at the beach on the side
  • Spongebob can't even lift a stick with marshmallows on it which says a lot for his physique
  • The surfer dude with the best laugh is in this episode a lot telling Spongebob his ripped pants bit is "hilarious"
  • How many times can you rip your pants if you've already ripped them once before?
  • The ice cream man hates Spongebob's bit and his reaction is probably funnier than the ripped pants
  • "Did you order 20 cases of RIPPED PANTS!?"
  • "There goes Sandy hanging 10, fingers that is"
  • The lifeguard just holds Spongebob's body in his hands weeping over him screaming "WHY!?" for what feels like a long time
  • I was doing a ripped pants count but I stopped after three
  • "Pretending to drown - NO"
  • That tumbleweed at the beach is priceless
  • The pants have the best accent once Spongebob rips them off
  • "No, I'm the biggest loser on the beach. The buried me in the sand and forgot me"
  • Spongebob's singing voice is so dreamy
  • Apparently they performed that song on a huge stage made out of sand in front of tons of people
  • The fact that Spongebob's underpants rip and he still has sleeves on even though he wasn't wearing a shirt to begin with gets me every time
I hope you enjoyed this first TV Time post. I'll be doing more in the future and if there's a show you want me to watch and write about comment or shoot me a tweet and I'll most likely do it.