When I went to Bath & Body Works for the first time last month I felt like a real moron. I had no idea all these wonderful scents were available for purchase at a low cost. My friend Nicole showed me all these great lotions and I fell in love with so many scents. I was looking for a mini bottle of lotion to keep in my bag and they had a buy 3 for $10 deal (and you all probably know this)! So I bought 3 and they all smell amazing. Nicole and a girl that worked there helped me pick what I got and they smell amazing. If you're looking for lotion with amazing smells go there and buy the entire store up. 

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Nicole recommended the Japanese Cherry Blossom. She said it's one of her favorites and I trust her so I got it. My sister calls it my "sexy" lotion. Nicole also recommended Moonlight Path (pictured earlier). My sister calls that one her "favorite".

Aruba Coconut
I wasn't going to leave the store without some kind of coconut lotion. Coconut is one of my favorite scents. The girl that worked there pointed out Aruba Coconut to me and said it's a big seller and I can tell why. It smells like summer and I kind of want to drink it even though I'll probably get sick from it.