I am someone that has really low self esteem. It's kind of ridiculous that I almost always feel like I'm no good at anything and that I'm not very pretty. I've been learning to cope with these issues with time and it's very hard but it has to be done.

That being said, YOU (yes you, reader) are beautiful. Like, insanely beautiful. I can't see you right now but if I could I might even fall down because you're drop dead gorgeous. Seriously, go look in a mirror right now. Oh hey, you're back! Did you see how amazing you look right now? Because you look amazing right now. 

I've always found complimenting people really easy because I do genuinely like people. I like the way everyone looks, even if they don't (and a lot of times they don't). I was at the UCB Theatre Tuesday night and a woman was putting on makeup in the bathroom and kept looking at the mirror with this sort of sad look on her face. I walked over to the sink to wash my hands and as I grabbed a paper towel to dry off I looked right at her and said "You look really nice" and she stopped what she was doing and looked at me with this wide smile and said "Thank you so much!" I wasn't just trying to be nice. To me, she looked very pretty and I thought she should know.

When I was in high school boys would pick on me and call me ugly and it really hurt my feelings. I guess it always stuck with me because I still feel like that at times. I think that's probably why I prefer taking pictures rather than being in them (see above for a photo of me taking a photo). I feel more comfortable not being seen. Recently I've been a lot more into fashion and standing out because I'm starting to feel comfortable with myself. I think everyone, including myself, deserves the right to look in a mirror or at a photo of themselves and think "Wow. I look really good" all the time. 

But if you ever do feel bad about the way you look or you're just not feeling like your amazing self, remember that I care for you and think you're beautiful and I'm pretty positive that everyone else feels the same way I do. You are an amazing human being and if anyone ever tells you otherwise just remember that they're wrong. You're great and I love everything about you.