Recently I bought two things that I never thought I'd buy ever because I never really had a reason to. The first thing that I'm going to tell you about is something I actually needed to buy. It's this:

UO Laptop Case $29.00

I decided to show you guys a closeup of the case because the original photo makes it look very bland. This closeup really shows you how vibrant the colors are. This is actually in the men's section. I don't like the women's cases that Urban Outfitters sells and I had been eyeing this case for a while now. The color shown above is "Brown". The case also comes in "Orange" and "Blue". The brown one is my favorite. I bought this case because I finally got a normal sized laptop but I didn't have a case for it and I didn't trust myself taking it anywhere. Now that I have protection I'll be sure to blog around town. Also, look at the inside of the case!

It's so pretty! In this closeup you can see how much brighter the outside of the case is, too. It's also really light weight so your computer pretty much weighs the same. It also has a pocket on the outside for your charger which I find very handy. Overall I'm very happy with this case.

I have a really tough time wearing earrings. In high school I only wore really cheap fake earrings and my ears always got infected. I haven't worn earrings (besides these ones) since the prom and those were real and I still got infected from them. I really wanted to start wearing earrings again but I really only like studs now and when I saw these I thought they were beautiful. I also liked how cheap they were so I bought them just to try them out. They haven't done any damage to my ears yet and I've worn them 3 times. They're really light weight and they don't look huge on me either.

This is what they'll look like on your ears. At points I even forget that I'm wearing them because they're so light and they don't hurt at all. I really like them and I highly recommend them. Hopefully they won't make my ears green or hurt me at any point. I don't think they will but if they do I'll just suck it up since they're so cute.