I am very young; 20 years old to be exact. You wouldn't think I liked The Partridge Family, let alone know who they are. I grew up listening to them with my mom and watching their show (again with my mom) and always loving how sweet their songs were. David Cassidy's voice is just so sweet and soothing.

Whenever I'm in a "whatever, blah" mood or I'm pretty sad I like to listen to The Partridge Family's best of called "Come On, Get Happy!". Honestly, it really helps me feel better. So many sweet love songs really have me feeling different and a lot better about almost every situation (because I'm sappy). Here are some lyrics from their song "I'll Meet You Halfway":
I'll meet you halfway, that's better than no way
There must be some way to get it together
And if there's some way, I know that some day
We just might work it out forever
SEE HOW SWEET THAT IS?! I can hardly hold back tears when I hear David Cassidy sing that. Even though some of The Partridge Family's songs are kind of sad they just always cheer me up and make me feel so much better. And in case you were wondering I'm listening to them while writing this because I'm in a "whatever, blah" mood and it's really making me feel better:

Also, look at David Cassidy:

Just so cute.