Flight of the Conchords was a show about a New Zealand based "band" called Flight of the Conchords trying (and failing) to make it in New York City. It starred Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement as themselves, Rhys Darby as their manager (who was also from New Zealand) Murray Hewitt, Kristen Schaal as Mel, the only fan of the Conchords (who also has a creepy obsession with them), and Arj Barker as Dave, Bret and Jemaine's American friend who works at a pawn shop. In case none of that interested you, here's a list of guest stars the show had over it's 2 season span: 
John Hodgman
Aziz Ansari
Will Forte
Kristen Wiig
Demetri Martin
Greg Proops
Jim Gaffigan
Patton Oswalt
Todd Barry
The show's also had cameos by Judah Friedlander, Art Garfunkel, Daryl Hall, and many others. The music that the Conchords make is pretty exceptional so it's really funny that no one likes them and that they're probably never going to make it despite the fact that in real life they're very famous. The show was just so funny and really sad at the same time. The Conchords are very lovable despite all the mistakes they make. If you haven't already seen it (which would be CRAZY) then watch it. You'll love it.