Franz Ferdinand is a Scottish band that formed in 2002. Many of you probably know them from their first big hit "Take Me Out" off of the album Franz Ferdinand (2004). Franz Ferdinand also have two other albums; You Could Have It So Much Better (2005) and Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (2009).

I've been a fan of Franz Ferdinand since "Take Me Out", which came out when I was like 12. I remember listening to that first album almost every day until their second album came out and then I listened to that every single day. 

This is the video for their song "Michael" from their first album. Alex Kapranos (the lead singer) has always been one of my celebrity crushes. Just look at that face.

Gorgeous. Here's another video for their song "Can't Stop Feeling" from the album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. 

I just find this video really entertaining. They're a really fun band and I'll always love them and their music.