So far this week has been alright (minus the rainy weather, but plus the cold weather). Here are a few things I did this week that were fun/alright/bad.

The first thing I did was replace my nose stud. My old one (that was purple and beautiful) broke some time last week (I'm not sure when). The purple jewel fell out of it so I had a weird flat looking thing stuck in my nose for a while. I got a new one (see above) and it's so pretty! It's blue and it looks larger than the other one since the color is a lot lighter. I really like it, but I'm still getting used to it's size and shape so that's annoying.

I discovered the Picfx app on my iPhone and fell in love with it. This is an old (and unflattering) photo of my friend Ellie that I took at our senior prom. I just wanted to mess with the app so I naturally went to this photo and started exploring the different layers. What I like about this app is that you can use multiple filters on pictures without have to go back and put another layer on. It's really fun and makes pictures seem a bit cooler.

I also used the app to take a picture of my cat Sandy when she decided to get comfy in my closet. Yes, those are Pajama Jeans in the background and no, I have never worn them and I probably won't.

This week I also painted my nails while watching HBOZone's Girlsathon. They came out pretty shitty but the sex scenes between Adam and Hannah were...also pretty shitty, at least for Hannah they were. Also, this is butter London's Jaffa color.

This week I also learned that I'm horrible at bowling but that bowling shoes are so amazing. I could wear these shoes for the rest of my life. I went with my boyfriend Christian and his best friend Joe (or Joey, I've heard Christian say both) and they're pretty alright at bowling. They have their own balls (HA!) and shoes that aren't nearly as cool as the ones I paid $3 to use. I bowled a strike the first frame and pretty much bombed every other frame. Christian beat me (obviously) and Joe(y) who was pretty good anyway. I beat myself up over it a bit because I don't like being out in public and doing something I'm not good at. I wasn't embarrassed or anything, just disappointed. It was the only time I'd ever bowled without bumpers and basically only had gutter balls. Maybe one day I'll go back to the bowling alley, but really only for the shoes.

Last but not least, NBC's Thursday night line up returned tonight with Up All Night, The Office's farewell season, and Parks and Recreation. NBC's also showing Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday specials and they're quite funny. I love seeing Seth Meyers before Saturdays. The shows were really great tonight. I cried during the opening of The Office and when I saw Leslie Knope's beautiful face. So anyway, it's been a pretty good week so far. Also (shameless plug time), watch Saturday Night Live this Saturday with host Joseph Gordon-Levitt! He was great last time he hosted and I'm sure he'll be even better this time.