I am a person that loves shopping. More importantly I am a person that loves shopping online because I am also a person that doesn't like looking presentable enough to actually go out and buy clothing in the store. I went on a little break from blogging and during that break I bought various items online that I LOVE and want to share with you.

Tribal Open Back Dress $19.80

I don't really have any summer-y clothing. I usually just wear t-shirts and leggings. And then one day I decided to watch What Not To Wear (I am in love with Clinton Kelly) and guess what? T-shirts and leggings are something you should not wear! I was devastated! I love that t-shirts and leggings are comfortable and kind of flattering (not fitted tees though). But I decided to but a couple of new things for the summer and also because I don't want Clinton Kelly to see me one day and have issues with my clothes. 

I bought this Tribal Open Back Dress from Forever 21 online. I was looking specifically for a dress with this shape and design with pattern on half and solid on the other half (I didn't care which half). Also, look at the back!

It's all open and cute! The buttons are a hassle but otherwise the dress is excellent. I get so many compliments when I wear it.

I'm not the biggest fan of tank tops. I love that they're cooler than t-shirts but hate that my arms are all out there (they are also out there in the dress but I ignore that). I also hate tank tops that don't have patterns. They're dull. The things I enjoy about this tank top are that it's got so much going on, that it isn't black (my signature color), and that the straps (or whatever they are) aren't too thin. I do not like that the shirt is a lot shorter in the front than I imagined. As you can see from the photo the shirt is tucked in. I figured it'd be as long as it is on the sides and back but it's actually a lot shorter (which is fine with me because I wear high-waisted leggings exclusively). 

I was an idiot when I bought this and bought it in a smaller size because I figured it'd be loose. It isn't. The tops of my arms feel like sausages in this, but after a while you hardly notice. The cardigan looks good on but I usually avoid wearing it because of the lack of comfort. If you're gonna buy this try it on. Every other part fits but the arms so that's my only problem with it.

I had been using the same hair straightener for a few years and before I started using it my mom had used it for a few years. That hair straightener still works but it's insanely old and I thought I could get a new one that would maybe be just as good. I found this hair straightener on Shoedazzle. Since it was my first Shoedazzle purchase it was only a little over $30. When I got it in the mail the box said that originally this straighten cost $320! I flipped out! I got the best deal ever on this straightener! Plus look how cute it is. It's pink! It works so well too! It uses LED something or other (I'm not an engineer or someone that pays any kind of attention) so it works better than older straighteners. Plus you can make curls with it, thought I can't curl my hair correctly anyway. If you want to get a new straightener go to Shoedazzle and get this one! You're getting so much for paying so little!