I think that nail art is super duper cool. I love the way your nails look when they're all colorful or artsy or whatever you'd like. That being said, I can't really paint my nails very well. I do an alright job but my nails usually look really terrible. Even though I'm really bad at it, I keep my nails painted constantly (mainly because I like to bite my nails (yeah, I know) and having paint on them prevents me from biting them) and I'm not usually super disappointed with them.

I have lots of nail polish and a lot of it is in a variety of different colors and brands. The purple (seen above) is from Sephora (pricey!) and the blue is just some old Sally Hansen I got for Christmas a very long time ago. The glitter is blue and it's also from Sally Hansen but it's a lot newer.

I thought my thumb looked like space. This was a pretty fun nail art idea but it was poorly executed considering my sister has the same blue glitter polish but in purple which would've looked better over the blue accent nail but I wasn't thinking.

After I took off that blue and purple polish (which was super hard because the glitter polish really likes to stick with you), I attempted to make half of each nail pink and red but in different directions. I know what you're thinking, "That actually looks terrible". Well you're right. It looked terrible. I had to do the thumb and index finger on my right hand twice but they looked so bad I ended up just leaving them plain. This looked a lot better after a couple of days and the excess polish got off of my fingers.

After that terrible attempt at being "artistic" I bought some super nice nail polish from butter LONDON. I saw it on the Urban Outfitters website (surprise surprise) and it had really great reviews. It's a little pricey ($14 a bottle!) but totally worth it. It goes on so smooth and it doesn't chip for a while. Plus the colors are really nice. This orange color is called "Jaffa".

I also bought another color called "Slapper". It looks so different in different lighting.

This is "Slapper" on my sister's nails, minus flash. It's still really pretty though. But I do love nail art, or at least the thought of it. And I really hate actually painting my nails, but I love that they look sort of cute when they're actually all fixed up.