So I realize I haven't blogged on here in quite some time. I finally got a functioning computer 2 months ago and I just haven't been using it but I promise I'll try to get on here at least 3 times a week (for my passionate reader(s?)). I'd like to review a few things I've gotten in the past few months (clothing/accessories/you get it). I'll start with this:

Kenneth Cole New York Watch, Women's Yellow Gold Ion Plated Stainless Steel Bracelet

Usually I'd put the price but I got this as a gift from my grandmother and the watch is currently unavailable online and the price isn't up, but I think it's $165. This watch is AMAZING. It looks so beautiful on my wrist (I have pale skin so I thought it wouldn't look as good). This picture makes the watch look a little washed out.  Anyway, this watch is super cool. Besides displaying the current time, it has which day of the week it is, what number day of the month it is, and 24 hour time. It's a super sweet watch and I really love it and I highly recommend it.

As most of you know I LOVE Urban Outfitters. Love. It. Whenever they have something that I absolutely love I will get it, no matter how pricey. I loved this blazer, but originally it was $79.00 which I thought was a lot. I checked back a while later and it was on sale for only $49.99 and to me, that is a steal. So I bought it and it was such a comfortable blazer! It is super cute, too. I'm still having a bit of trouble with the collar (the right side won't stay down), but otherwise it is lovely.

Please ignore how bad my legs look here

I've wanted these shoes for a while, but when I was finally able to buy them they were sold out for the time being. I decided to just forget about them, but then one day I was browsing Urban Outfitters and there they were! I'm a size 6 in flats and I was happy to see that they had them available. Sometimes it's hard to find cute shoes in my size because children can wear a woman's size 6 (which is upsetting). Anyway, these shoes are really cute. I got a ton of compliments on them when I wore them to a party the other night. They're uncomfortable at first. When I break in a new pair of shoes I usually wear bandages on the backs of my heels so I won't get blisters. I'd recommend doing that. If I can break them in and I find them way comfortable I'm probably going to purchase them in blue. If not, Urban Outfitters has a crazy amount of flats and sandals that I love for the summer. I'll include some more links in the end if you're a crazy shoe lover like I am.

I like this ring a lot better when I saw it online then in real life. This is what it looks like on my hand:

Really different. It's not that the ring isn't attractive in real life, because it is. It just looks a lot different. My mom calls it my "turtle ring" because it looks like a turtle's shell to her. It looks like one to me, too. This ring is quite large and bulky. I have very small hands and it only fits on my ring finger (surprisingly). But the ring is really cool. I find that I have to take it off more often then I'd like to like when I'm at work or I'm driving, but I do really love it. I think it might make my hand looks larger.

I chose to wear the ring with my blue Forever 21 bangles the other day and I thought it looked really nice. The blues looked good with the gold in my ring and my watch. 

So those are the things I bought recently. I really like all of them. I think my taste has increased since I started reading more fashion blogs and such. Here's a list of some of the blogs I'm in love with at the moment:

Here are some shoes from Urban Outfitters that have caught my eye:

So hopefully I'll write a bit more and maybe continue with my days of the week thing. Thanks for putting up with this!