My friend Sam and I really enjoy shopping. A couple of months ago Sam and I went to Forever 21 and bought these multi colored cardigans that are just really cool. They are loose fitting and really comfortable. You can wear them on a warm day and not get over heated or anything. I decided that I wanted another cardigan like the one I already own so I bought this:

Heathered Geo Cardigan

It feels just like the cardigan I already own, except I got this one in a larger size because I thought it might run small. It doesn't, or not on me at least. The size I wish I had bought is a medium, but it still looks really nice. I'm wearing it right now with my Black Keys concert t-shirt. I also bought these:

Etched Bangle Set

They come in several colors including gold, silver, pink, and the color I got, blue. They look a lot lighter in person than they do in the picture on their site. When I move my wrist they sound like wind chimes. I really like them. They're bright and they add a sort of flare to the outfit. With the cardigan, shirt, and bracelets, I'm wearing high waisted black leggings and black wedged heels I got at Target for around $12, just to give you a visual. Anyway, Forever 21 usually has really cool looking and nice stuff and I've been shopping there since I was 14. I think I always will.