Urban Renewal Surplice Drape Dress $59

I'm not huge on dresses. I usually just wear skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie, but I couldn't not have this dress. It comes in lots of other colors, but the black is super flattering. The model is skinny and I'm not and that dress still looks really good on me. It's very showy on top so I usually wear a tank top under it but beyond the waist line is very flowy and it hides a lot of whatever you're trying to cover up. It's just very flattering and comfortable.

Sparkle & Fade Fair Isle Legging $39

I decided to get these before the dress and I realized I had nothing to go with them because they're so crazy and amazing and out there. A black dress looks amazing with them. They're really warm and look like a sweater and they're just awesome. I got complimented on them by a female security guard at the Beacon Theater in New York and by various other people I know while wearing them. I love them so much.

I'm on the right wearing the entire outfit with some brown Steve Madden boots and the outfit is perfect and flattering. Highly recommended.