Scott Pilgrim series by Bryan Lee O'Malley

I don't have them in a box set like this. I bought them all at different times so I just have a pile of them in my room among other books. These books are AMAZING. I read each one in an hour or less and just love them so much. The characters are fun and the dialogue is super fresh and amazing and Ramona is super stylish. I wish I could have her hair (every style since there's a ton of them).

I'm also a huge fan of the movie. I like Michael Cera in general and I figured I'd enjoy the film. I saw it in the theaters twice and I own it on DVD. It's long but hilarious and I love it.

And yes, the video game is amazing too. I finished it in a day and I play it all the time. As soon as I found out about it I put my debit card info into my brother's PS3 and bought it. The music in it is also amazing. "Another Winter" by Anamanaguchi (they also do the theme song to the Nerdist Podcast if any nerdlings are reading) is one of the ringtones on my phone.

OK so I love the soundtrack to the movie as well. I just love everything about Scott Pilgrim. Read the books. Watch the movie. Play the game. Listen to both the game's soundtrack AND the movie's soundtrack. Beck is on it. I MEAN, COME ON. BECK IS AMAZING.