My dad loves Elvis Costello and I didn't know until recently. I'm not sure how I first went about listening to him but I know that I love him. His songs make me want to dance and his lyrics are amazing. Here is the beginning of "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down":

I'm the living result
Of a man who's been hurt a little too much
and I've tasted the bitterness of my own tears
sadness is all my lonely heart can feel

That is amazing and can speak to so many people. I feel that way all the time (except I'm not a man), but this isn't a sad sounding song. It's something that could be played at a party and no one would notice how sad the song is.

Get Happy!! is one of my all time favorite albums. The songs are quick and danceable and just perfect.

Listen to Elvis Costello. It will change your life. He certainly changed mine.